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Who is a Candidate?

Good candidates for a ThreadLift™ are those patients who are starting to see some droopiness of the brow, cheeks, jowls and/or neck and would like to see a lift effect, BUT, do not want the risk, scars, or recovery of a real browlift, facelift, or necklift operation. The ThreadLift™ procedure can achieve 30-50% of what a real invasive surgical procedure can deliver.

Poor candidates include those patients with unrealistic expectations, have uncontrolled medical illnesses that would affect healing, are grossly overweight (with heavy faces) or are excessively thin, loose skin. The ThreadLift™ may be combined with other, more minor surgical procedures, Such as blepharoplasty (lid lift procedures), liposuction, microfat transplantation, BOTOX® or Injectable Fillers. Other options would be mini facelift or full facelift.

What results may I expect?

The results of the ThreadLift™ are immediate. There is a noticeable elevation and contour shaping of the brow, cheek, jowl and neck. The degree of this non-surgical lift approximates 30-50% of what might be achieved with a more surgical facelift.

Patient before Threadlift photo. Patient after ThreadLift photo.

How is it Performed?

The ThreadLift™, similar to Lip augmentation with collagen or Restylane, is most often performed under local freezing anesthesia and, once the freezing is in, there is no pain. The procedure includes two components - the vertical lift and a shaping and contouring component of the soft tissue.

Each lift takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and you may go home following the procedure. There is often a minor to moderate degree of swelling of the skin that may last 4-10 days and some minor discomfort that usually disappears in 2-3 hours. You may apply make-up immediately and return to work or regular activities

Side profile photo of a patient before ThreadLift surgery. Side profile photo of a patient after ThreadLift surgery.

What are the Benefits?

This lift manually elevates the brow, cheek, pre-jowl and neck thereby improving facial droopiness. These procedures can be performed separately or simultaneously. Additional benefits include lack of visible incisional scarring, no recovery requirements and a less expensive local anesthetic office procedure.

Are there any Risks?

Every cosmetic procedure involves a very small degree of risk. Some of these risks may include: Discomfort, Long Term Pain, Bruising & Swelling, Infection, Excessive Redness, Noticeable asymmetry, Scarring, Lack of Satisfaction, Visible or Palpable threads, Skin marks or Indentations.

Complication rates are less than 1% and, when they occur, the complications are manageable. In the rare circumstances that a thread might be reactive, or infected, the thread can be removed.

Overview of the 60-minute facelift

The ThreadLift™ is a simple, office based, outpatient non-surgical facelift procedure.

The ThreadLift™ is a revolutionary non-invasive facelift procedure that uses fine surgical threads to lift the droopy areas of the brow, cheeks, jowl and neck.

There are two components to the ThreadLift™ that result in the amazing non-surgical lift effects. In the first part of the ThreadLift™, smooth and barbed facelift sutures are used to loop around or "lasso" fixation points on the droopy brow, cheek, jowl and neck. This "lasso" lift is performed under local freezing and the threads are introduced using a hollow bore needle.

The second part of the ThreadLift™ provides additional lift and shaping and uses tiny "barbed" threads, which are normal surgical sutures modified with little "barbs" on them, making them like tiny fish-hooks or porcupine quills. The barbed threads are inserted into the deep fat of the droopy facial elements using a hollow bore needle. The needle is with drawn and the barbed threads capture the droopy deep face, allowing the physician to lift, sculpt and shape the brow, cheeks and jowl. At the completion of the procedure, the threads are cut short. The lift effects are immediate and the risk and recovery minimal.

One of the amazing features of the ThreadLift™ is its adjustable lift feature. As you age after the ThreadLift™, you may return to your physician to have another thread added to any, or all of the regions with essentially no downtime!

Before Threadlift Surgery After Threadlift Surgery
Before Threadlift Photo After Threadlift Photo
Side Profile Before Photo Side Profile After Photo


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