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Platysmaplasty - Neck Lift

A neck lift or "platysmaplasty" rejuvenates the neck area with minimal scarring. A neck lift can be done in one of two ways depending on the patient's individual concerns. The first type is done by performing liposuction and platysmaplasty together. This will reduce the fatty components of the neck and tighten the superficial neck muscle providing the patient with nice definition of the neck and jaw. The second type of neck lift is done by performing liposuction, platysmaplasty, and adding a "stay suture" which serves to provide long-term results because the suture does not dissolve. The suture is permanent and provides additional support to the surgery. Most of my patients elect to have the "stay suture" as part of their surgery to achieve the best results.

Who Is A Candidate For A Neck Lift?

Anyone who has a full neck and jaw area are likely candidates.

Patient before neck lift photo Patient after neck lift photo.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

First, a small incision is made under the chin to allow the surgeon to liposuction the neck area. Then, by extending the incision, the surgeon is able to perform the platysmaplasty which serves to tighten the superficial neck muscles. Finally, a small incision is made behind each ear for the "stay suture" to be attached to the fibrous tissue and sutured into the muscle along the jaw line.

What Is The Recovery Time?

A compression garment is worn for 2 to 3 weeks following the actual surgery to support the newly contoured skin. Most patients are able to return to work after 10 to 14 days without any significant difficulty. It is important during your recovery to keep the sutures clean and well covered in a layer of antibacterial ointment until the sutures are removed after 14 days. And, you should plan to sleep with your head elevated to deter any potential swelling in the surgery area.

What Type Of Pain Does One Usually Experience?

The incisions will feel tight for the first 24 to 48 hours and there will be a slight ache during this time period. After 48 hours, patients are more comfortable and will usually discontinue pain medication.

What Will I Look Like During My Recovery?

The neck will be bruised and swollen for 10 to 14 days following surgery. However, if you keep the garment on at all times and keep your head elevated, you may reduce the potential swelling.

Are There Any Special Instructions Prior To Surgery?

Avoid aspirin products and vitamin E for two weeks prior to surgery. It is recommended that you avoid food high in salt and alcoholic beverage during this time period. I also provide my patient with a pre- and post-operative recovery guide that provides detailed instructions for their individual surgery.

What are some of the most common benefits of this procedure?

The face and neck are usually the first features we notice when we meet someone new, so improvements in this area can create a dramatic change. A firm, trim neck gives the face a more youthful look. Sometimes just having this procedure done provides an incentive to make healthier lifestyle choices, and maintain fitness in the rest of the body. Patients who have been self-conscious about their bulging necklines often feel more comfortable wearing a range of clothing and jewelry styles after this procedure.


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