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Men and women who have difficulty losing fat in particular areas of the body can greatly benefit from liposuction. Dr. Colyer offers several options with this surgical procedure, all of which can remove stubborn fat from areas of the face and body, such as the cheeks, neck, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, and hips.

The Consultation

During your private consultation, you and Dr. Colyer will discuss your desires and expectations for the procedure. Dr. Colyer will assess your health history and physical anatomy to help determine if you are a candidate for liposuction and to decide the surgical technique that will best meet your needs. By the end of your consultation, it is our goal that you feel completely comfortable with your decision and all your questions are answered.

About the Procedure

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure or a treatment for obesity. The best candidates are close to a normal weight for their height and wish to “spot reduce” areas that seem resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction will also not reduce the appearance of sagging skin, stretch marks, or cellulite. People of almost any age may undergo liposuction; however, patients with good skin elasticity will achieve the smoothest contour after fat is removed. The cost, time in surgery, and time in recovery will vary depending on the size and number of areas treated.

The procedure involves one or more small incisions near the area to be suctioned. A thin, hollow tube called a cannula is inserted beneath the skin to penetrate the fat. The attached suction pump vacuums out the fat through the cannula as Dr. Colyer moves the device back and forth.

Liposuction Options

Laser-assisted liposuction (Smartlipo)

  • Involves a laser fiber that targets the fat cells to dissolve them instantly
  • Is more targeted than traditional suctioning with a cannula
  • Uses local anesthesia

Power-assisted liposuction

  • Is traditional liposuction with the addition of an oscillating cannula head
  • Uses general anesthesia

Ultrasound liposuction

  • Uses ultrasound waves to break up the fat before it is suctioned out
  • Uses general anesthesia

Traditional liposuction

  • Is also called the wet technique
  • Infuses the target area with saline and anesthetic before the fat is suctioned out
  • Uses general anesthesia


After surgery, you will spend one to two hours in the recovery room. You should have someone drive you home and assist you for the first 24 to 48 hours. A mildly compressive garment will be worn over the liposuctioned areas to help reduce swelling and discomfort, which can also be controlled by prescription pain medication. Many patients feel comfortable returning to work after two weeks. After one month, you may resume mild exercise. After two months, there will still be a small amount of swelling, and there are typically no restrictions.


Soon after surgery, you will see a noticeable difference in the shape of your body. Improvement will become even more apparent after a couple of months, when fluid retention and swelling has subsided. For most patients, the final result is evident after about three to six months.

After your liposuction surgery, you will notice that your clothes fit better, and you will feel more confident about your appearance. As long as you maintain your postoperative weight, your slimmer contour will be permanent. Many patients who gain a few pounds after surgery find that the weight distributes itself more evenly and does not bulge in the same problem areas once you have had them suctioned.

Dr. Colyer provides a customized treatment plan for every patient at his Overland Park practice. If you are interested in liposuction, please schedule a private consultation by calling (913) 338-5600 or visit our contact page.


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