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Lower Bodylift Kansas City

If you find yourself affected by sagging skin, then consider a lower bodylift. Kansas City plastic surgeon Jeffrey W. Colyer, M.D. offers this and other body contouring procedures at his surgical center, Plastic Surgical Arts.

Kansas City plastic surgery specialist Dr. Colyer is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). As such, he is well-qualified to perform your procedure and help answer any questions you may have.

Tell me about the lower bodylift!

Also known as a belt lipectomy, this procedure is typically performed on men and women who have lost a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time and would like to rid themselves of excess, sagging skin. Just remember, this body contouring surgery is not an efficient weight-loss procedure!

Commonly, the lower bodylift combines several popular and effective surgeries:

By utilizing all three of these procedures, you can attain that trim figure you've worked so hard for! The bodylift is also advantageous because it can be performed as a single procedure, or in stages, depending on your needs. By also employing liposuction, Kansas City's Dr. Colyer can ensure that there are no unsightly bulges or fatty deposits left in the way of your great results.

Because this body contouring procedure affects so much of your lower body, you can expect to be out of work for a few weeks. Depending on the rate of your recovery, you may be able to resume limited work functions a week or two after your Kansas City lower bodylift, at Dr. Colyer's discretion.

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We offer free consultations for your convenience! To schedule your appointment for a lower bodylift in Kansas City with Dr. Colyer, you can call our office at (913) 338-5600 or fill out our online contact form.